Is pain destroying your life?

Well, our job is to put your health back in your own hands.

We will help you understand what the cause of your pain is, what you can do to help and more importantly, what you shouldn’t do.

Many people think that spinal manipulation can be rough – however, we will alter your manipulation ‘dose’ depending on your size, age and condition.  When you are in pain, our job is to provide you with relief.

We provide both the treatment of acute (recent) and chronic (older than 3 months) injuries.

Our first goal is to relieve your pain; so don’t put off a visit.  We understand how it feels to be in severe discomfort and we have the tools and skills to help you.  With your initial visit you will receive your first treatment.

No referral is necessary.

ACC paperwork can be completed at our clinic.

Our clinic is registered for Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim.


To book an appointment call 07 856 6442